Wastewater treatment

We have a physio-chemical water treatment plant for the purification of waste water. Subsquently, this water goes into another water purification plant in town, which is organic.

The whole process is controller by the Catal Water Agency, Generalitat de Ctalunya, Environment Deparment, which periodically makes us relevant inspections to asure the water treatment plant works correctly.

Origin of the rabbit skin

The rabbit skin that we commercialise comes from oficial slaughter houses. These slaughter houses kill rabbits with the purpose of using the rabbit meat for human consumption.

We have the licence to buy, transport, keep and treat the rabbit skin that these oficial slaugther houses can't sell for human consumption, as it's a category 3 subproduct.This way, we give a purpose to the whole process. We don't believe in killing just for the skin, and we would never promote these actions.

Our oficial licence is given by the Minister of Agriculture, Feeding and Environment from the Generalitat de Catalunya (Ministerio de Agricultura, AlimentaciĆ³n y Medio Ambiente, Gobierno de EspaƱa), so we have an oficial SANDACH number. We comply with all the requirements and laws in our country to give a use to the rabbit skin.

Industrial Waste

We are a qualified waste producer company by the Waste Board, Deparment of Environment from the Generalitat de Catalunya and we owe an oficial waste producer company.

These wastes are taken to residual plants run by the Waste Board.

Every yea we make the statement of waste that we have produced that year, controlled by the same Board.

Chemicals used in the tanning of rabbit skin

All chemicals used in our company for tanning rabbit skin are approved and authorized by law, and all products are purchased to companies that are able to sell these products.

Any product that is unauthorized by law is not used in Curtiquer.